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Fees & Insurance


This option is automatic for currently enrolled University of Arizona students. After designated office visit co-payments at the Campus Health Service, charges are then incurred for pharmacy, laboratory tests, x-rays, medical procedures and supplies. The fees are generally less expensive than those charged in the community. Payment is accepted as cash, check, credit card (exclusively for faculty and staff) or Bursar billing (exclusively for registered students).

Comm. Health Insurance

The Campus Health Service is a participating provider to most of the Blue Cross/Blue Shield, United Healthcare, Cigna and Aetna plans for Primary Care Services. Your benefits may not extend to specialty services provided at the Campus Health Service such as Counseling or Physical Therapy. To see if we are a participant, call your Member Services Department and provide the following information:

  • The Campus Health Service Tax ID#: 74-2652689.
  • Provider name: Dr. Michael Stilson or Dr. Tejal Parikh.
  • If we are a participant under your plan:

  • Present Insurance ID card at time of service.
  • Additional Policyholder's Information required.
  • Your co-payment, deductible and/or co-insurance responsibilities would apply at the Campus Health Service.
  • Claims are automatically filed for services rendered.
  • CampusCare Supplement

    This is a prepaid health care option limited to services provided within the Campus Health Service. It serves as an ideal supplement for students covered by private health insurance, where one may have a high deductible, limited benefits or no coverage for charges incurred at the health center. This option also serves well for students who do not have health insurance. After a designated office visit co-payment, all laboratory tests, x-rays, medical procedures and supplies are covered providing the diagnostic work-up is initiated at the Campus Health Service.

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    Student Health Insurance

    The University of Arizona offers one major medical health insurance policy designed specifically for eligible University of Arizona students and their dependents. This policy provides coverage nationwide and has an emergency benefit worldwide. All three State of Arizona university health centers serve as primary care providers for the enrolled student.

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    *Attention International Students: The University of Arizona requires that all international students on non-immigrant visas, regardless of classification or number of units, carry the Student Health Insurance unless one qualifies for an exemption . Exemptions must be requested each semester.